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    Grattis på min födelsedag!

    Oh-em-geeh, I have so many updates to do! I'm seriously going crazy lately. A lot of things going on and I badly need a break. Everyday I always worry about everything that needs to be done soon. I'm always cramming for the deadlines. So I apologize to anyone who visits my blog and is waiting for my updates. ( If there is...hehe).

    Anyways I'm just gonna leave you a summary of the happenings from my last birthday which has been a month already. Yep, I just turned 25 and I knooow, I'm getting old! :( :P

    The pictures will tell you more of the story. :)

    Feb. 25, 12 am CET.

    He was busy working all day and I didn't expect he's got something for me already. I was busy infront of my computer when he came to me with this bunch of flowers. Ofc, with a matching birthday greetings, hugs & kisses, a sweet messages and a surprise gift. :)

    Feb. 27 - Norway

    Me and Sander , my nephew, have the same birthday so my inlaws thought of celebrating our birthday together.

    It was just like a simple family gathering but they surprised me with more gifts. :) Cards, cash and other personal stuffs that they obviously put a lot of efforts on. I felt so touched even more when they sang 'Ja må hon leva' ( Swedish bday song) to me. They made me cry. They made me feel special. They made me feel loved. They made me feel like I really belong to their awesome family. That's just one of the many reasons why I am so proud and feeling lucky to have them as my inlaws.

    March 6 - Small birthday party with my closest friends here in Sweden.

    If you notice, our apartment is still almost empty. We're still waiting for our furnitures to be delivered which takes like 1 month - 3 months from the day we purchased it. Yeah, it really sucks! That's how it is here in Sweden and I'm really frustrated about it. You can only get something instant if you buy it in Ikea, a big and cheapest furniture company here.

    Anyways, I thought my birthday party is gonna suck but it turned out great! It was really fun. Drinks, food and the non-stop chatting. I didn't expect that my friends bought some gifts for me. We had a videoke, dance revo and played more games through our xbox 360 and my brand new Wii!

    And yep, it's the surprise gift both from my husband and inlaws. It's in my birthday wish list and I hope to lose weight using this. :P

    Till next time!!!

    And I hope SOON!



    try natin yan pag-punta ko dyan ha...take care...