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    Our London Getaway

    The London Eye

    So we went to London last week and we stayed there for 8 days. It was my hubby's business trip actually but we took advantage of it and took a few days vacation together. We both love travelling and this is something that we really enjoy doing. I like learning the history and culture of each countries and I love taking lots of pictures. There is lots of different shops there, expensive and affordable ones. I went crazy and my shopaholic-ness attacked again. I did a mega shopping aside from the new laptop we got there. I bought lots of winter clothes since the winter is coming really soon. Here in Sweden there's only a few shops so there's less options of what I want to get. It sucks when you buy some clothes and you can expect to see someone wearing the same. That's how small it is where we're living now. Most of the time during our stay there, I loitered around the city alone. I did lots of walking! We stayed in the Central London, Oxford Street to be specific. It is a big city and I felt like I was in Manila. There's lots of people so it's kinda stressful while I was shopping. I had so much fun from our vacation and I'm looking forward to move and live there which could happen anytime, sooner or later. :)

    Anyways, here's some more pics of our London trip :

    The Big Ben

    Some fun entertainment on the busy street to London Eye

    One of the famous icon we met in Madame Tussauds


    Hello To My New Red Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1545

    I dreamed of a Macbook but aside from it is too expensive, my hubby doesn't like it because its got a different operating system which will make it so complicated for him to fix it in case it's got something wrong with it. But after I saw this red, trendy and shiny Dell Inspiron laptop, it changed my mind completely! :D We bought it while we were in London for a vacation so now I finally got my brand new laptop. Special thanks to my ever loving husband who bought it for me if not because of my old HP laptop just stopped working. Hehe. Being a travel junkie, fashionista and a gadget lover that I am, I'm loving it and it perfectly suits me. :)

    I don't have my own official proper pic of it yet but I'll post it here as soon as I get one. For now here's a stolen pic of me, just when I hurriedly go home right after we got it. I went straight to the hotel where we were staying coz I was so excited to open it and set it up myself. Here is when I was amazingly using it and guess what I opened first?! ... FACEBOOK!!! LoL!

    Cheers! c'',)


    Stockholm Trip

    Välkommen till Stockholm!!!

    I've been living here in Sweden for about 4 months and last Monday was my first time to go to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. We went there to apply for my visa in British Embassy. Yes, we might go to London by end of this month so *fingers crossed!*. :)

    From 3am, it took us more or less than 5 hours drive from Göteborg. Me and my husband loves travelling so it's always fun doing something like this. I had to always talk and entertain him so he won't fall asleep. Haha. We brought Jacky with us and thank God she's not car sick anymore. After we're done at the embassy we just look around the city, eat in a restaurant and that's it. We drove back home at night coz I have school in the morning. It's not enough time but we surely will go back there again sometime. :)

    Anyways here's some of the pics we took there:

    Beside this nice park lies the embassies of UK, US, Norway, Japan etc.

    What a beautiful day :)

    Just showing how it looks like there :P

    Perfect timing when we got there, we saw this whatever you call it and I don't know what they're up to! :P

    Of course, there's always camwhoring! :D

    Their horses are pretty big. I felt like I'm watching a movie when I saw this. :P I'm not sure but I think this is how they do their changing of guards in the palace. Someone told me that they always do this everyday in the afternoon. I'll find this out next time we go back there :)

    I don't know who those people are in the carriage, maybe a politician or some important personalities but I know for sure that they're not the Royal King and Queen of Sweden. :P

    Infront of Kungliga Slottet - The Royal Palace of Stockholm

    Waiting for my prince! :P

    Alright, we're on a rush when we went there so I don't know what's that building in the background so pardon me :P.

    Arghh, this one too! I promise to find this all out and learn about it next time ok. :)

    Ciao! xoxo


    Got Our New Car: Ford Focus Station Wagon

    Few weeks ago, we got our new car. Oopps, don't get me wrong, our new second hand car. Hehe. Here in Sweden it's very common to buy a second hand car than getting a brand new car. Prolly because people here doesn't really care of bragging what they have or showing off to people. Aside from that it's also about being practical or simply because we/they can't afford to buy a new one. Hehe. But regardless, who cares?! :) It's also cheaper to get a car here. The car we got looks ok-ish. We could have gotten a nicer one but damn this upcoming wedding, we have to save as much as we can for it. We are trying to build our life here too so we have too many expenses coming :S. We have to get our house, furnitures etc etc. And now that my laptop is broken, we have to get a new one too, soon! :) And that's the reason why I can't write an updates here lately. I'm only able to use my hubby's computer when he's not working.

    Anyways, it's great to have our own car. Now we can drive around everywhere and it's so much easier.

    Ford Focus Station Wagon

    Here's just an example to show you how our car looks like. Our own real pic soon. :)



    I Passed my SFI Exam!

    Yesterday, after our 2 weeks in our SFI course, we had our examination. It's for our teachers to check our improvements and know our learning skills.

    Today, they already announce us our exam result. They only told us whether we passed or failed the test. And cheers to me! I PASSED! Yeayyy!!! hehe. I knew it! :)
    After our exam yesterday, I already knew that I did well. When I came home, I was confident enough to tell my husband that I find our exams easy. Probably because I studied well. Pfftttt! :P

    Two weeks ago, I don't know any Swedish words at all. Of course except those that I see in the street or whatever that is too common sense. Everytime my lärare (teacher) talks infront of us, I don't understand anything at all. But after two weeks, I can say that I've learned a lot already. I can understand the instructions and everything that was written in our testpapers and I had fun answering all of it.

    But I feel bad to my other classmates who failed the test. They were like 7 - 10 people out of 35 students in our class. It's not really something that you can judge them by saying that they're stupid or not smart enough. It really isn't. It's because we have different situations. Some people find it harder to learn another language. It could be because of the age, their social life and their cultures. I don't know, there's many other reasons. But as a Filipina, I'm proud to say that learning this language is pretty easy for me. :)

    As a consequence for those who failed the test, they'll be moved to another class. They won't be our classmate anymore. They'll be transferred to another class that teach slower. It's for their own good and it's for the sake of every class. But it sucks that after we all got too close to each other, now we're gonna be separated. Oh well, what can I do? Life goes on!