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    The comeback!

    Well hello blogworld! So long and I miss you! 

    There are lots of stories to tell. So many things going on and sad that blogging has to be in my least priority. :(

    Anyways, let me start by telling you that we have recently moved from Sweden to UK. From a small town and peaceful Gothenburg, now we're here in a big city of London. It's another sad and life changing event in my life. It was a hard decision coz for about a year of our stay in Sweden, I have really loved our life there. Everything was perfect except the a-must-learn-Swedish thingy. But I was really close to finish line and here I am, back to zero and have to start all over again. And I badly miss my friends back there. :(  Oh well, let's just look at the bright side. I know that life here would be a lot easier and  there would be a lot more exciting things coming my way! :))

    Now that I'm back and with only less than three months left, I'd like to focus and blog more about the progress of our wedding preps. So don't be surprise if I turn out and sound like a bridezilla here! 

    Til ' next time guys and look forward to my wedding stories! :))

    - XoXo c",)