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    We're Moving (Again) !!!

    New Year. New apartment. New furnitures. New school location. Thank God, same old husband. :D

    So yep. We're moving (again)! This is actually the third time we are moving since we came here in Sweden. I'm sure there will be 4th and 5th but hopefully not this year. I'm so sick and tired of moving everywhere. It is causing me so much stress yet it is also exciting. :)

    I never thought that looking for a nice apartment here in Göteborg especially in the city is as hard as looking for a job. You can also get rejected for it no matter how much you like it nor how much you can afford it. After we registered in boplats, we had to wait for like 6 months until we got an offer and about 3 months before we can actually move there.

    But it is worth the wait. I looove our new place. The buildings are new, good neighborhood and it has a great view. We're just right infront of the sea. :) Our school has moved to a new place too where it's a lot closer to our place. It's just 10 mins. walk so I don't have any excuse for being late in school. :P My Filipina friend, Martina, has moved there last December too. So now we can hang out more and do stuffs together.

    We have been so busy shopping for our furnitures lately and today I just started packing our stuffs. I'm becoming an expert at doing this. :P

    Anyways, that's all for now. Gotta get goin' and next time I blog, I'll be at our new place already.

    Ciao! :)


    Facebook Mania

    Hey guys,

    You aren't lost! :P You're here in my blogland and not in facebook. This is definitely not the page where you can play farmtown or farmville, even mafia wars. It's just Daisyland!!! I'm working on a facelift so kindly bear with me. :)

    Ciao! :)


    On lazy days...

    This is what I normally do,

    A TFC shows marathon with matching chocolates. Didn't I say that I'm on a diet?!

    An instant mashed potato and chorizo plus a sweet message for him to cover up that I have been so lazy and useless today. :P

    - XoXo c",)


    Shopaholic attacks!

    I shopped til' I dropped last week. One day wasn't enough for me. If only I can shop the entire mall. Hehe, as if! :P This is what I love every after new year. Until now I go crazy with all the sales everywhere. As in everything is cheap so it's very tempting :D

    Look what I found:

    A lacoste bag with the original price of 1099 kr on 50% off! :)

    A winter jacket originally 700kr, got it for 299kr only :).

    I only buy signatured products if it's on sale. Isn't it smart? Hehe.

    - XoXo c",)


    Finally Watched Avatar!

    I finally got to watch Avatar yesterday with my husband. We watched it on Filmstaden here in Göteborg. It was 150kr per person!

    Compared to our cinemas in Manila, I wasn't impressed with how it was here. But the movie itself, it was really worth it. We weren't able to pick better seats because it was always fully booked everytime we check online. Many people are watching it. The cinema here is quite small so the whole place were crowded. We were at the very front of the cinema so we were able to maximize or completely enjoy the 3D effects of the movie. Though for 3 hours, I almost got a stiff neck. However, we still had an awesome time.

    All I can say is it's really a great movie and you SHOULD watch it in 3D to fully enjoy the effects. It's worth the money, trust me!

    I love James Cameron! Hope he makes more movies soon.

    And for you, my readers...

    I see you.