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    Tribute for Corazon Aquino

    What do I know about her?

    • She is known as (Tita) Cory Aquino.
    • The first female Philippine President from 1986 to 1992.
    • She was a brave leader and known for her commitment to democracy, peace, and women's issues.
    • The widow of Benigno Aquino Jr, a former leader of Philippine opposition who was assasinated in 1983 at Philippine NAIA which explains why the place is named after him. (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)
    • She is famously known of her trademark - yellow dress.
    • She is 76 years old.

    The reason why I know her this much is that she became the President of the Philippines after the People's Power on February 25, 1986. Since then, February 25 is declared a holiday every year. If that doesn't make any sense, February 25 is my birthday...

    But today, August 1, 2009, after she had suffered a series of health problems and due to complications from colon cancer, she already passed away :(.

    President Cory Aquino

    May You Rest In Peace!


    My First Blogger Award! Yay!!!


    A big thank you to Jenny of The Way I Use To Be, who awarded me my first blogger award. :P

    Since I'm still a newbie in this blog world and it's my first time to recieve such tags/awards, I am pleasantly surprised, delighted and somehow excited that she included my name on her blog. Jenny talks about her daily activities in life on her blog and whom I figured out also living close to where I live eventhough we haven't really had a conversation yet :P. I gladly appreciate this awards from you Jenny :)

    As a rule, I wanna pass this awards to all my blogger friends & visitors especially to:

    I also wanna include their other blogs which are:


    They are a wonderful couple who are my first ever supportive blogger friends and the first ones to make some comments in my posts.. hihi. This one is to show you how much I appreciate you both for always visiting my site eventhough I rarely do make some updates. I'm glad to have you guys. :)

    Happy Blogging!




    The Modern Wedding March

    I saw this Youtube video via W@W's blog post and I find it really funny so I couldn't help myself not to grab it and post it here. It gave me an idea of doing this same stunt to our wedding but geezzh, my ever conservative and religious family would curse me and would never want to see me again. hehe. Well, I believe that the Catholic church would never allow this especially in the Philippines. The priest and my grandparents might have a heart attack seeing something like this so of course, I wouldn't want that to happen. :P

    Overall, I find this really entertaining and one of the coolest and unforgettable wedding. :)



    Wedding Checklist

    I know that wedding planning and preparation is going to be a tough task especially for a future bride like me who is never been an organize person. Thank God our target wedding date is a year from now. Although it doesn't really calm me down since I have to plan two weddings. We have decided to have a Philippine church wedding and a Norwegian garden wedding for the sake of our families in both sides. Sounds like we have to rob a bank first though :P. So to start with and for me to be able to avoid the hassle, I have made a checklist. Here is my tentative list:
    • Church
    • Reception Venues
    • Documents/Requirements
    • Theme/Motiff & Designs
    • List of Entourage
    • Possible No. of Guests
    • Bridal Car/Carriage
    • Wedding Coordinator
    • Videographer & Photographer
    • Wedding Gown
    • Entourage Clothes
    • Wedding Souvenirs
    • Wedding Cake and Wine
    • Save the Date
    • Invitations
    • Wedding Songs
    • Wedding Vows
    • Florists
    • Hair & Make Up
    • Honeymoon? LoL :D
    List is incomplete I know! So what else? :P

    Well, I'm using The Knot and been a member there even before he proposed to me. Hehe. It is very helpful to me coz it has a wedding planning tools that provides everything that a bride is looking for. It is one of the high ranking American based website but that didn't stop me from joining them. It has a checklist, budgeter, guest list tools and there you can browse from thousands of gowns and get ideas. Another helpful and informative site I joined is the W@W or Weddings At Work. It's like a Philippine version of The Knot but there you can join their yahoo groups or forums and talk to fellow Filipina brides or bride to be's. You can ask for their tips and suggestions based on their own experiences plus you can gain more friends online and possibly meet them in real life :P. Oh and they didn't pay me for this. I'm just having fun using these sites so I thought of sharing it. Might be helpful to some bride to be's like me out there too. :)


    People of the Philippines vs. Me

    ''Ignorance of the law must not prevent the losing attorney from collecting his fee''

    This quote exactly describes what I've been thinking lately and has been pissing me off for the past few days. Instead of us focusing in our wedding plans and starting out with our lives, we can't really do it because we still have some problems that we have left behind in the Philippines. The past that until now continues to hunt us and have left a big scar in me. My heart that is now full of anger and doesn't know to trust anymore.

    Its confidentiality prevents me from voicing out what I feel and think about it. One thing that really annoys me is that I can't even write the real names of the people involve and the real story here. As my husband told me, ''wag na daw namin bigyan pa ng bala ang kalaban na ipambabaril saamin''. So what? I'll just keep my mouth shut, remain silent and let the evil prevail?!

    I am one of those Filipinos who doesnt trust JUSTICE in the Philippines. Who is ashamed of our country when it comes to the politicians or government authorities, the policemen, the lawyers, even the taxi drivers. They all have something in common -- CORRUPTION. It sucks but it's true. Before, I thought that it's only a story in movies (kathang-isip). But after I have experience it all, I realized it's really happening in real life. It is true that with money, you can make a blind person see. With money, you can make the wrong things right. With money, you can make impossible things possible. With money, you can manipulate things and the people around you.

    So much for this, I should be talking about our lawyer only. But I'm just really upset about everything and I couldn't just blame our lawyer. It's about all of the people who betrayed us and screwed our lives.

    We were in the right side. We have all the strong evidences. We have the money. But what seems to be wrong? Our lawyer who doesnt seem to care about us?! Who only cares about money?! That we don't know if he's just taking advantage of us because of our weaknesses... I don't know anymore. :(

    What makes me more upset is that we are thinking about settling down with our evil opponent. We are thinking about letting them win. Letting the wrong be right. So that I dont have to fly back to the Philippines and so that we won't be separated again. My hubby just wants to have a peace of mind and for us to be able to start a happy life together. I know he is right. I know that it's the best thing we can do but I can't. :( I don't want to. It's hard for me to accept it. It has left a big mark on me. A big trauma. Aside from the thousands of money that we've spent for nothing, all I think about now is, ''how about the damages it costs me?'' How about the 2 years that I was fighting alone, scared and miserable. How about my heart that felt hatred until now? How about the 2 years of sufferings and embarassment that I never deserved?!

    In being practical and facing the reality, yes it was just all for nothing. It was all wasted. God knows how much I want to fight for this but I know I dont deserve another year of miserable life without him. :( I know when to give up. It is NOW. It is time to stop and leave it all to God. It is time to move on.

    Although sometimes I wonder if there really is such a thing as karma. I hope karma exists, because there are some bastards out there who deserve some major payback. And if it really does exist, it is something I'll just hold on for now to live with a peace of mind...


    Greys Anatomy: Alex & Izzie's Wedding Vow

    Me and my hubby is a number one fan of American tv shows. Greys Anatomy is only one of those shows that hooked us up. I know I'm too late for this season but I can't help not to express my reaction to this show after I've watched its last episodes. I only watch this show with my husband. I can still remember when we were still in the Philippines I can't wait for him to download new episodes to sit or lie in our soft couch hugging each other while watching it . But then he had to go back to Norway last year so I had to forget my addictness to this show. It's never the same watching it alone. I dont know, I just love watching it with him. It's more fun and giggly when we watch it together especially when there are some scenes that we can actually relate with. So now that we're finally back and living together again, we were so excited downloading all of the episodes we missed and we're back to our every night routine watching it after his work. But now I'm sad that we're done watching all of the episodes already. We'll probably just gonna download more or another American tv shows for tomorrow while we're waiting for Grey's new season to come :)

    While watching the last episodes, there is one scene that really catched my attention and really made me cry. It's when Alex Karev recited his wedding vow to Izzie Stevens infront of everyone. It's a tearjerker scene ever! Since I'm a future bride and planning my own wedding, I'm really catchy with all the wedding details I've come across with whether it's on internet, tv shows or real life. I dont know, I guess that's how excited a bride can be. :P Karev's wedding vow is soo sweet and touching. It made me feel that I want my groom to recite that same wedding vow for me. But well, when I told him that, he thinks I'm insane and he told me that he'll make his own wedding for me and that it is going to be a surprise. Well that's enough for me to fantasize it even more and I couldn't wait to hear his vows and promises on our big day. :)

    Today’s the day my life begins.
    All my life I’ve been just me.
    Just a smart mouth kid.
    Today I become a man.
    Today I become a husband.
    Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
    Today I become accountable to you.
    To our future.
    To all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer.
    Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready.
    For anything.
    For everything.
    To take on life, to take on love.
    To take on possibility and responsibility.
    Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins.
    And I for one can’t wait.



    Random Updates

    I got sick the last few days so now I gotta catch up with this blog thingy again. We're also busy checking and looking for some apartments here in Gothenburg coz we need to move again soon, sigh :(. Unfortunately, it's so hard for us to find one. Seems this place doesn't have enough houses or apartments for all the people who wants to live here. Most of the apartments we saw was like too far away from the city or under our budget. We're gonna live there for like a year so I want it to be nice and accessible everywhere especially to the shops and to my school. I'm crossing my finger that we'll be able to find a perfect place soon or else I wouldn't really enjoy living in this place. hehe.

    By the way, we already have a name for our puppy. Now we're calling her ''Jacki''. :) I have made up lots of reasons why. :P At first we wanted to name her, Jappy or some Japanese names since she's a Japanese Spitz but we couldn't agree about anything. Then I wanted to name her something that identifies her color. Snow white, snow, marsh mallow, all the crazy names came to my mind and I still got a NO from him. And then, since we got her when Michael Jackson died, I kept thinking of something that is related about MJ. So the name ''Jacko'' came to my mind and how I drooled for liking that name for our pet. Too bad our pet is a girl so I tried to just forget it and just think of another name. Until I've talked to my mother-in-law and she gave me some suggestions and we both laughed coz she suggested the same name, ''Jacko'' :D. So there, we twisted the name and got more ideas. From Jecka, Recca, Mecka, blah blah.. until she mentioned 'Jackie'. I haven't really thought about that name coz it's a human name for me plus, I have a friend called Jacky so I might offend her. hehe. But well, I started to like that name so who the hell cares?! :D So now, it's her official name and she's getting used to it now. She'll instantly run to us when we call her Jacki so for sure she likes it. :P

    Anyways, we went out for a walk yesterday and we brought her with us while we went to check another apartment. It was soo funny how lots of people are staring at us (or just at Jacki). They all find her really cute. All the kids we saw wanted to carry her and play with her. All the people on the bus tried to get our attention and talk about our pet. It feels like we have a cute lil' baby and we are a very proud mommy and daddy. hehe.

    Here's some of our pics while we are on our way home yesterday.

    A nice walk with Jacki :)

    A family picture ^^

    One more time! :P

    Smile baby Jacki! :P

    She's tired..

    Man's bestfriend :)


    789...10 (July 8,2009)

    On this, July 8th, 2009, I'm bored and I have nothing in my mind to write up here so I'll just offer ten things I’m grateful for today. :)

    1.) Beautiful Sunshine.
    2.) Waking up with my husband.
    3.) His Good Morning kisses.
    4.) Peace. That we're finally out or have less worries now.
    5.) Privacy. Having our own place. Enjoying our moments together.
    6.) Nice breakfast. A sweet meal I prepared and we've shared.
    7.) Greys Anatomy. Our favorite show. We love it!
    8.) Mail. Got a letter from our friend. A funny postcards and our pictures while travelling together.
    9.) TFC. The Filipino Channel. It feels just like home while I'm watching my fave shows in Philippines.
    10.) New found friends. I'm finally able to have someone to talk to and hang out here other than my hubby. :P

    See? My day wasn't so interesting and so exciting today but at least I'm able to fill all these up to ten! Made me realize how lucky I still am. Wuhooo! :D

    Thank's God for all the blessings and for giving me a wonderful life each day. :))


    Introducing: Our New Pet!

    Hmm, it's been awhile since my last post due to the busy-ness and adjustments I'm going through lately. Anyways, yesterday we went to Fristad, (outside BorĂ¥s) here in Sweden. Well, what we did there is just to check and see a Japanese Spitz puppy, which is going to be our pet soon. :) It took us 2 hours to get there and another 2 hours going back to our place but it was all worth it after we saw how cute the puppies are. Papa Lars is a pet lover. He grew up with lots of animals surrounding him so that's why. Be it horse, cats, dogs, etc. geezz, he's so fond of it. In his family, they treat animals just like humans. Unlike me, I grew up to where we don't really appreciate animals. For us, they were just pets. I can say that in Philippines, most people are cruel to animals. It's not that I hate pets but I'm scared of them. Or should I say I'm disgusted of them. I think they're all dirty. I don't really like touching them and I feel like they'll always bite me. Aside from that, I don't really like the responsibilities of having a pet. But Papa Lars was so persistent and tried to convince me about it. Part of it is because he badly wants to have a baby now. He's been ready long time ago while I'm not sure if I already am but I will be when the time comes. :) So I couldn't say no to him when he ask me to get a pet coz I know it's just his way of longing to have a baby. But after I said yes to him about getting a dog, we had some disagreements about what type of dog we'll get. I want a dog that is white, small and cute coz at least I wouldn't be that scared to them. While he wants a real big dog. He wanted a husky, labrador or golden retriever but he knew I wouldn't convince me to those ever. He considered getting a Jack Russel terrier instead but I still disagree about it. But one day, while we were walking around the city, we saw a woman who has this cute white dog. I felt so giggly seeing it. I told him that that's exactly the dog I want. So we asked the woman of what type of dog it is so there, she told us it's a Japanese Spitz. So right after we got home, we googled about it and there we found out how perfect it would be for us. So then we started looking for those types of puppies for sale and we're so lucky to have found one and we excitedly called the owner.
    Just as we get there, to the place where the puppies are, I was all freaking out coz I didn't realize how many dogs they have in their house. It was like 9 dogs including the 6 puppies. But I was right. They're really adorable and kind. Right then, we're both sure we're gonna get one of them. Seems like I forgot my phobia with dogs when I saw them. They're all really cute so we were confuse about which to choose among 6 puppies. They all look just like babies wanting some attention. I wanted to bring one of them home that day already but too bad we couldn't yet. :( Here in Sweden, they have regulations in getting a dog. One of them is that it has to be 8 weeks old before you can actually sell a puppy or separate it from its parents. They don't sell dogs in a petshop here too. They have to stay with their parents in the house of their owners until they're ready to be sold. It's a very good policy that's why dogs here are so behave and well disciplined. The first time I got here in Gothenburg, I noticed almost everyone go for a walk with their pet dogs. So our new puppy will be 8 weeks after 7 more days so we have to go back there again to pick it up. It's a hassle but we don't have a choice. hihi.

    For now, we're just waiting for our new pet and I'm sooo excited to bring her home. Yup, it's a girl so now we're also thinking and deciding for her name. We're thinking of Japanese names like Yuna which means blessing, Yumi means beauty, Yuki means snow, and some crazy english names, like marshmallow, gummibear, claudia, winter, snowie etc. (lol) but well, I'll just announce it here in my blog as soon as we've come up for anything. We already have been shopping for her bed and toys too. I'm sure she'll be like a spoiled brat puppy coz we will treat him just like our own baby. Lucky her! :D :D :D

    Til' next time! :)