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    Michael Jackson ''King of Pop'' - 1958 - 2009

    A legend has died...

    What a sad day today. After Farrah Fawcett, now is the ''King of Pop''. I'm not a big fan of MJ but I am shocked to hear this sad news. Michael Jackson died at 50 due to cardiac arrest. This is such a realization that life is really short and that we ALL come and go.

    May You Rest In Peace MJ!!!


    Our Hometowns

    Just right after we got engaged, me and my fiance' instantly talked about our wedding. First things we thought of is ''where'' and ''when''. Since he's a Norwegian and I'm a Filipina, we've had a hard time deciding about it. It is very important for him to have our wedding in Norway. For one, it's gonna be the first wedding in their family. Everyone is excited for him and everyone wants to be there on his wedding of course. Aside from that, Mimmi, who is his grandma is very close to him as he is the first grandson. His grandparents can't really travel that far now due to their age. For me, of course, I want everyone special for us to be there on our wedding day. But my family would be upset if it's not gonna be in Philippines. I have lot's of relatives and we can't afford to pay for all their plane tickets and accomodations if our wedding is gonna be in Norway. We both doesn't wanna give in. We both want all our friends and loveones to witness our special day. So to make it fair for everyone, we decided to have two weddings eventhough we're not really sure about our budget. hihi. So goodluck to us. :P So now is the ''where's?''. We chose to do it in our hometowns since that's where we grew up and it's accesible for all our relatives to get there. But the purpose of this post is to brag about our hometowns. So here's a few pics of the places that is worth seeing, visiting and experiencing to where we grew up...


    Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway


    Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    Vigeland Park, Oslo

    Opera House, Oslo

    Heddal Church, Telemark

    17th Mai, Norway Independence Day

    Norway Famous Fjords

    Ice Skiing


    Camarines Sur, Philippines


    Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex


    Kaogma Festival - May 23 - 29

    Penafrancia Festival, Naga City

    Mount Isarog

    Caramoan, Gota Beach Resort




    The Proposal

    Filipino's are known as conservative. Specially those that lives in my hometown. In the early years of our relationship I was already pressured with all the gossips and to what the people would think about us. Not just from my family and friends but from all the people who knows me. For them, living together without marriage (live-in) is like a crime. I myself never thought I would enter to such relationship. It just happened. I was inlove and I chose to be happy. I can remember my parents would push us to get married before. I can understand them. But they knew they can't do anything about it. From the very start, we don't want anyone to control us. But as a girl, who wouldn't want to marry the guy you love? I admit I was ready long time ago. He wasn't. There was a time that I'd question him about it that leads to an argument. It happened more than once that almost caused our break up. But of course, love prevailed. :)

    As the years go by, I got used to it. I don't care about what others has to say. Trials has strengthen our relationship. Year 2007 when we had to be separated. We didn't have a choice. He has to work in Norway while I decided to go back to school. I have missed him badly. It was so hard for both of us although I was liking that at least I can focus with school. But that long distance situation has made a good outcome for us. He had all his time alone to miss me, and realize how much he loves me. :)

    Until after more than a year of not seeing each other, we finally had a chance to meet again. November 2008, we've spent a two weeks vacation in Thailand. For 2 weeks, we tried to make up for all the times we've lost without each other. But it wasn't enough. We had to say goodbyes again but he promised we will see each other again soon.

    Christmas 2008, as he promised, I was given a chance to be with him again in Norway. It was just a tourist visa for 3 weeks so again, a limited time for both of us. But I never knew that it'll be the happiest xmas I'll ever have. Aside from I have finally met all his family and friends, on xmas eve, he popped the question! On bended knees, he's got a ring on his hands and he asked me to marry him. I felt too uncomfortable and sweaty that time coz his family was around. But of course, what do you expect me to say? I've been waiting for it for a long time so my answer was, OF COURSE YES! hehe. :D Right after I said yes, he hugged me so tight and kissed me happily. He asked his family to join us, as if we're gonna have a conference. And right there, he announced that we're getting married. Everyone was so happy for us. The next day, we called my parents to tell them the good news too. They're first question was ''when?!'' :P And their reaction was like, ''finally!'' or ''it's about time!''. I knew that both our parents were just waiting for that announcement. So now, they're all happy for us and they're excited for our wedding.....soon! :))


    How We Met?

    Most of the people I know wonders or usually ask me this question. Question should be, where we met. Some would guess that we met thru internet or online chatting. I don't know why they think that but they sound like as if online chatting is the only way to know or meet a foreigner boyfriend. I know that lot's of pinays nowadays do that and I know a lot of friends/people who found their love through internet but that's not what happened in our case ;-)

    We met on December 27, 2004 in Hongkong. We were both young back then. I was 19 years old and he was 23. I don't wanna be so detailed here but it was a Cinderella type of story :P. I was working in one of the bars there as a waitress while he works in one of the US-based computer gaming company situated there. I was just there for 3 months while he was taking a break there for almost a year after he's been travelling around the world and enjoying his young and bachelor life. A Filipina and a Norwegian, came all the way to Hongkong just to meet each other?! I call it a destiny :).

    From the very first time we met, we knew we like each other already. We started dating without talking about our feelings. I wasn't even sure if he's my bf already. I was clueless about our relationship back then. All I know is that we like each other. But we were tested with the time and situation. I had to go back to Philippines and I thought I will never see him again. But he made a way. He followed me :). He went to Philippines to meet my family and to get to know me more. That time I dont know what's really going on. My parents wouldn't even believe me when I told them that we were just friends. What should I tell them? He didn't even ask me if I love him and he never told me he loves me. But after his 2 weeks vacation with me, he realized he doesn't wanna live without me. To cut the story short, he brought me back to Hongkong until I realized that we're actually living in together already. Our situation, not being old enough and the visa problems that keeps us being separated is what pushed him to finally confess his true feelings for me. It was like a music in my ears when he finally said he loves me :)). But our trials and challenges doesn't end there. Ours is one of a long and tragic love story. If I could write it all and submit it for MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya), i think it could win a most tearjerker story award! haha.

    Anyways, that's how we met and that's how our love story started. I might blog more stories on my next posts but that's all for now. Ciao! :))


    Busy bee

    Year 2009 is really a busy year for me. After Papa Lars proposed to me last December 2008, there were so many things lined up in my to-do list. I'm always stressed and confused about everything so I don't know how or where to start with all of it. Starting with fixing all the paperworks, visa, getting married, school papers, and the neverending travelling and moving there and everywhere. It's just so exhausting especially that I'm trying to adopt a new environment too. I'm trying so hard to get myself organize but my days would always end up without any accomplishment at all.

    So here's my MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and we'll see how it'll work out in after a year. :)

    1. Plan our wedding(s).

    May 2010 is the target date. Imagine how tough it is for me to plan and organize both of our Philippine and Norway wedding on the same month next year. I feel like a celebrity, I have to plan our wedding a year earlier. So these days, a bride-to-be needs to be organized. Whew! :P

    2. Update this blog everyday!

    My wedding plans inspires me to do this, so I'll try to update this blog once and awhile about my wedding planning process and whatever that may come up in my everyday life :)

    3. Learn Swedish.

    Yeah, I'm gonna be in school soon to learn this language and just by thinking about it, I feel like I'm nosebleeding already! I'm a Filipina and my fiance' is a Norwegian then I'll end up learning Swedish. Ugh. I badly want to go to a University here or get a job so I hope I'll learn their language asap. But I'm so excited for this language course, at least I'm gonna meet new friends with different races. :)

    4. Learn cooking & (baking).

    It's not that I don't know how to cook but I'm just not confident with the way I cook. I dont know much about Scandinavian foods and I want to impress my inlaws everytime they come visit us. I also want them to try some Filipino foods but geeezz, I'm so scared to try coz im worried they'll throw it out. :P

    5. DIET!!!

    Yep. In capital letters! :P I'm getting fat and I can't be fat. Since I've moved here in Europe, it's so hard for me to watch my diet. I gained like 3 kilos in 3 mos and my belly fat is arrghhh! I have to be sexy on our wedding you know, so I know! I should start working out now before it's too late :P

    6. Go for a driving class.

    I'll be taking it too so goodluck to me. Hope my brain would be able to absorb everything I have to learn and accomplish this year.

    There's more but that's all for now. I'll just end this post as..

    to be continued..........


    Got My Residence Card Today!!! :)

    Today is one of my happiest day ever. After a few weeks of worrying, and bothering myself with so many questions like, ''Will I get it?'', ''Is it going to be approved?'', ''Am I going back to Philippines?'', and after checking our mailbox for like 2-3 times a day, crossing my fingers waiting for the letter from the embassy, now I can finally take a deep breathe and say ''Finally!!!'' After all that we've been through, it was really worth it. :))
    The residence card I got is valid for 5 years which means I'm allowed to stay and travel in all the countries of the European Union without a visa. After 5 years, I can become a Swedish citizen. :)
    The application process was really fast and easy. And hey, it's free! That's what I love in Europe, almost everything is free and very convenient. :) We were told that the usual processing time was up to 2 months, but it took us exactly 3 weeks only! And while waiting for the result, I'm already allowed to work, study or live just like a normal resident. I thought that was really cool! :P
    I am very thankful and I am feeling so blessed for this especially that it means that me and Papa Lars would never be separated again and that this time, we could live happily ever after, TOGETHER. ^_~


    Hello World!!!

    Hello there :). Aze here. As you can see I'm starting from scratch again. I've had several attempts making my own blog long long time ago but I always end up signing up, posting a few entries and after awhile and not updating it, I've forgotten my passwords and couldn't retrieve it anymore. So we'll see, hope I'll make it up this time :P

    So why am I blogging? I have so many stories to tell and so many experiences to share. Here I will write about my everyday life, my past and my future. That includes my love story(ies), my wedding plans, the places I've been, my feelings, my ups and downs and many more. Blogging is my way to overcome boredom. I'm infront of my computer almost 24 hours a day so better to have something to accomplish with. If this goes well, I might try to join the blogvertising which will make me earn money through blogging. :)

    As for a lil' info of myself. My friends call me Aze. I'm 24 years old. I'm (secretly) married to
    my Norwegian (husband). Why secret? It's for you to find out through my next posts hihi. I call him Papa Lars just so you know as for sure I'll always mention him in this blog. I was born and raised in Bicol, Philippines. I have lived in Manila for the past 3 years and now I'm currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I dont know for how long, but we'll probably move again soon. Yeah, I have a portable life since I met him and right now I'm seeking for stability. I have 4 siblings. Three sisters and only brother. I'm the second to the eldest.

    I'm a very outgoing person. I'm funny, jolly and determined. I can be the nicest person you will ever know. I'm only snobbish to people I don't like and I'm only a bitch to people who ask for it :P . Well that's all, enough about me.

    So welcome to me, and join me as I go through my LIFE - As I rise and fall. :)


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